WMCFW Day 5 Final Day

WMCFW Day 5 Final Day

 By Ainsley Kerr (YYZEvents Fashion Writer)

TORONTO, ON – This day was particularly exciting for me as I received an invite for lunch at The Shoe Company where we got to see Jeanne Beker’s first Shoe line. Jeanne Beker is arguably the most recognized face in Canadian fashion and is one of the most influential style icons of our time – so it makes sense that she would collaborate with Town Shoes to create a collection that is stylish, affordable and… (drum roll please) COMFORTABLE. As a woman that spends most of her day in heels, Jeanne gets the idea of feeling fabulous without taking a toll on your feet.

For the afternoon we wore a simple fitted cherry red Pink Tartan dress, a pink Red Valentino coat and bright red satin Manolo Blaniks.

Anu Raina was the first show we attended for the day. Anu has a love of prints and clearly, as seen from this collection, a love for her adopted city. With her subway maps on cocktail dresses and prints of iconic streets and buildings – I believe she might even love this city more then I do! A creative way to spice up your classic outfits, this collection was one of the more playful ones.

Next up was Hilary MacMillan who is also known for her unique prints. Her collections are meant to be enjoyed for seasons to come, she does this with her feminine touch mixed with a splash of retro. Right off the bat she killed it with a beautiful cream skirt suit with peasants on it complimented by a fur bag. For those not into prints she had some classic pieces thrown in there with a hint of Hilary flare. My favorite outfit was black leather pants with a white sweatshirt, fur scarf and an oversized fur bag. It seemed deliriously chic for a casual outfit – right up my alley :).

We snuck backstage between shows to check out Madame Moje’s collection before it hit the runway and make a quick change into a LBD of hers before sitting at her show. Backstage I fell in love with a bright red floor length gown, which she insisted that I try on. Unfortunately it was the closing piece for her fw2014 collection, however, it fit like a glove and we agreed that I should just wear it straight off the runway. Madame Moje’s collection is built for the confident sensual woman – she knows how to huge your curves in all the right places. Malashnee and her husband hit the market on sophisticated yet sexy women’s clothing and I cannot wait to visit their boutique in Vancouver.

Next we had one of my go to girls for original cocktail and formal dresses, Narces, If you love lace, beading and a splash of bling her collection is for you. She designed the dress that I wore for my Great Gatsby themed event on NYE and her attention to detail never ceases to amaze me. It is impossible to look like anything except for elegant in her entire collection. Stand out pieces for me included a feathered cape and a nude dress with strategically placed black beading and sequins.

To close my WMCFW, I attended Stephan Caras’ show. It was breathtaking: Simple, feminine and red carpet friendly. I loved the loose waves paired with gowns and the pop of fuchsia hidden in the detailing of little black dresses. The dresses begged you to take them home and whispered in your ear as to where they needed to be worn. As for me, I know that I listened and you will be seeing some of those pieces in the not too distant future.

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