Day 2 WMCFW The Heat Is On!

By Ainsley Kerr (Fashion Writer)

WMCFW Day 2: The Heat is on!

 TORONTO, ON – After freezing yesterday at the shows I decided to forgo all practicality in regards to winter and dress how I wanted to and hope that the heating situation in the tents had changed. As luck would have it – my impracticality paid off, and I was perfectly comfortable in my Kaelen dress, Tuck Shoppe Co Albany stole and my Oscar De La Renta pumps (well maybe not so much in the pumps 😉

Day 2 kicked off with HD Homme. Now if the men were feeling a little jealous with all the ladies collections going on in the tents – this showstopper collection should have fixed that. Whenever a man complains that they do not have enough selection for eveningswear I am going to send them directly to Hussein Dhalla, the creative genius behind this collection. Even one of the most stylish men I know, Mike Bradwell (our CFL superstar sweetheart) is a massive fan and was cozied up front row with his mom – who told me this was her first fashion show (Aww!). Even though this one was technically for the boys I found myself daydreaming about creating a perfect custom tux for an event…

After the show I skipped across the street to new King Street hot spot El Caballito to catch up on some chit-chat with some of my favorite fashion pr folks and journalists. Mums the word on the details of the conversations 😉

I went home to change into something a little more practical for the evening (since our weather was about to dip – again!) and threw on my favorite go to Danier leather pants with a beautiful custom top from Lucian Matis paired with my Giuseppe Zanotti ankle boots.

First up was Melissa Nepton – a designer that helms from Montreal and the style of her clothes reflects that. It has that certain European casual flair that borders the line of being comfortable, strong, independent and sexy. She started her career on Quebec’s version on Project Runway and is now seen on red carpets from here to Cannes. While Melissa’s collection is not necessarily within my own personal style, I find myself gravitating to her more urban pieces and she makes me want to experiment with my personal style. I fell in love with her enormous clutches (especially the ones with Mongolian fur), a black turtleneck with a fringe necklace and I surprised myself by wanting to walk off the runway with a leather cropped turtleneck paired with a bronzed lamé quilted sweatsuit.

David Dixon White Label Collection

David Dixon’s White Label Wedding Dress on The Runway of 2014 WMCFW

The closing show for the night was Canadian fashion darling, David Dixon. One of the more well known designers across Canada – he is shockingly very shy and modest in person. Moments before his show he even tweeted how nervous he was! When I received David’s invite for the show I should have taken the title of the invite, Unveiled, as a hint of what we were to expect. When the show opened we treated to a read from book of Corinthians that is traditionally reserved for weddings but complemented a video that exemplified feelings of love. The show opened with one of my favorite Canadian models, Camille Moore (looking like an angel!) wearing a bridal gown. I then realized we were being treated to his collaboration with Kleinfelds. Dress after dress women swooned as they imagined weddings that were and weddings to come. The air floated with the warmth of tradition and the hope of love.

I tucked out quietly and prepared quickly for what is the most anticipated day of fashion week.







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