2015 Caribbean Carnival Kick Off

TORONTO, ONT – The Official Launch of the Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival Kicked Off at David Pecault Square in downtown Toronto on Tuesday July 7th. Now in it’s 48th year, the 2015 Kick Off had all the flavours of the islands, from a Steel Band playing the Canadian National Anthem (Soca Style), the smell of amazing island foods and of course the costumes from the various Mas Bands who will be playing Mas
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Maple Leaf Ballroom

REMINISCING – Back in the day St.Clair Ave West was a cool and working class neighborhood. A Mixture of new immigrants and old money (Wychwood Park). Long before the influx of the ‘Me’ crowd and the St Clair Street Car Right-a-way, The Clair hood was great with old movies theatres, Mom and Pop stores and restaurants and packed Churches. The Thrift Store was called the ‘Maple Leaf Ballroom̵
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