2016 Midnight Massive Party

Photography by Steve Blackburn | Words Roxanne Rowe

 TORONTO, ONT –  The much anticipated 12th Annual AGO Massive Party was held on Thursday, April 21st, 2016, at the world renowned Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). This years’ theme was Midnight Massive and had over 1,800 party-goers dressed in Masked, avant guard, trendy and edgy outfits. This year also featured the first females Artistic Directors of Massive Party, Rose and Joy Broadbent collectively known as The Broadbent Sisters.

While most of the Galas and trendy events in Toronto you normally hear ‘Ohhh, Who are you wearing? at the annual AGO Massive Party, it’s very common to hear the phrase “What are you wearing!” or “What are you representing?” which makes the Massive Party one of the most unique and avant-guarde events the city sees. Wonderful and one of a kind outfits, Masks, in fabric, metal and plastic could be seen on the guests.

On the crowded 3rd level it great to hear the DJ play a much needed ‘Dead Set’ (music from Michael Jackson, Prince, David Bowie and Whitney Houston) while a few of the guest pounded what looked like a Japanese Dotaku (gong) which made it surreal.

This year’s Massive Party was held on 4 levels of the Art Gallery with each level representing a different element. Fire, Earth, Air and Water with each level having unique and specific art and music representing each element.

The evening included an exciting lineup of DJs, live music and contemporary art installations. All funds raised through Massive Party support the AGO to continue to deliver ambitious programs.



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